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Exclusive! Kevin Smith Sweetens Weinstein’s Offer for Miramax

A Weinstein diehard, the filmmaker writes WaxWord that ”I’ve sweetened the offer to buy Miramax back.“


News from Silent Bob, the man who lately made SouthWest Airlines tremble with his mere thumbs.

Filmmaker Kevin Smith writes WaxWord that he has desperately been trying to help Bob and Harvey Weinstein close the deal to buy Miramax. "I’ve sweetened the Weinstein’s offer to buy Miramax back," he writes.  "All day yesterday and just now this morning, I’ve been throwing Tweets and large artwork at the Mouse to up the ante, but they’ve not responded."

Smith is a Weinstein diehard, who has been following the MIramax sale closely. The brothers bravely backed Smith in making such lasting cultural odditieslandmarks… movies as "Clerks," "Mallrats," and "Chasing Amy." He has been Twittering (@thatkevinsmith) to his million-plus followers about the deal – offernig Mickey Mouse paintings, for example.

The deal is in the midst of pitched negotiations since the Weinsteins were granted an exclusive window through the weekend to try and close the deal.

Here is what Smith has offered in the past few hours, via Twitter: 

  1. Ease on down, Dis! 600mil & 2 huge paintings: https://twitpic.com/1gaz4s https://twitpic.com/1gb15k For Miramax. Deal? #YoPharaohLetMyPeopleGo

    On top of Weinstein 600mil bid, AND my giant "Blue Mickey", I’ll also throw in Helnwein’s "LA Confidential": https://twitpic.com/1gb15k


    Your silence in the matter telegraphs the tough negotiator you are, Disney. So lemme sweeten the pot with ANOTHER piece of giant Disney art! DearDisney: Friday, I offered to sweeten Harvey/Bob’s 600mil Miramax bid w/ inclusion of this giant MM painting: https://twitpic.com/1gaz4s


    That & I promise to never tarnish your magical legacy w/ twat & cock jokes ever again. Please, Disney… #WaltWouldSellMiramaxToHarveyAndBob


    This amazing, eight foot Gottfried Helnwein piece will look dope in some lucky Disney exec’s office! So 600 mil… PLUS a Mickey painting!


    Dear Disney, I’d like to sweeten Harvey & Bob’s 600k offer for Miramax by throwing in this giant painting: http://bit.ly/9ackU4


 The Weinsteins had last offered $600 million in cash, to those who are following this process. They need to come up with a bit more to beat out their rivals, Alec and Tom Gores, and David Bergstein.

Now they have the mighty Silent Bob on their side. He concludes: "Please inform the Disney cabal that I’m super-serious.  They’d look awesome in any exec’s office."

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