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Ezra Klein Joins Vox Media Following His Split From Washington Post

The 29 year old political journalist is making the jump to the digital world with his move to Vox Media

Ezra Klein announced Sunday he was launching a new news website with the D.C.-based internet media company Vox Media.

Klein, who rose to fame with his popular and influential Wonkblog at the Washington Post, made the big switch after weeks of speculation of where the wunderkind writer would wind up next.

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“Early last year, Melissa Bell, Matt Yglesias and I began wrestling with a question that had bugged all of us for a long time: why hadn’t the Internet made the news better at delivering crucial context alongside new information?” Klein wrote in a posting on Vox. “This year, we’re founding a new publication at Vox Media in order to do something about it.”

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“You can’t print a newspaper telling readers everything they need to know about the world, day after day,” he added. “But you can print a newspaper telling them what they need to know about what happened on Monday. The constraint of newness was crucial. Reimagining the way we explain the news means reinventing newsroom technology.”

BuzzFeed tech writer Charlie Warzel correctly predicted Klein’s jump to Vox after noticing he began following several of their employees on Twitter including Lockhart Steele.

Klein is the latest journalist to leave legacy media and join the digital world including Nate Silver and Kara Swisher.

In addition to Klein’s new startup, Vox Media owns SB Nation, The Verge, Eater, Curbed, Racked, and Polygon.