Is Facebook’s 2-Year-Old Oversight Board Really Holding the Tech Giant Accountable?

The board said Mark Zuckerberg’s company was “not fully forthcoming” about certain programs and still won’t answer all its questions

Even after two years, Facebook’s Oversight Board admits the company is falling short of its stated transparency and accountability goals, experts say, but there is only so much this independent body can do.

“It has always been the case that the Oversight Board’s only leverage is that which Facebook chooses to give it,” Darren Linvill, professor at Clemson University focusing on social media disinformation, told TheWrap. “It has no real power to compel action, but that doesn’t mean it serves no function. Its voice is unique in that it was formed by Facebook in large part to ensure it was following its own rules.”

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Antoinette Siu

Media and Tech Reporter • • Twitter: @antoinettesiu