Beware of The Fake Podcast Invite Scam

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Legit-looking invites can turn into a nightmare as scammers steal would-be podcast guests’ online accounts during the tech setup.

fake podcasts
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Two weeks ago, a podcast with a “top 1%” audience, whose listener net worth averaged $2.5 million, asked me to join as a guest. The host was familiar with my work, citing a recent CNBC appearance, and seemed ready to hold an engaging conversation. It seemed worthwhile, except the podcast was fake. 

With a bit of research — using podcast search engine — I found no evidence the host had ever spoken on a podcast, let alone hosted one. On YouTube, he had a channel with one video, and one subscriber. And when I asked for a link to his show, he uninvited me.


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    Your blog is a testament to your expertise and dedication to your craft. I’m constantly impressed by the depth of your knowledge and the clarity of your explanations. Keep up the amazing work!

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