WhatsApp Is Finally Starting to Dominate in the United States. Here’s Why

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The leading global messaging app is having its breakout moment in the U.S. with some help from Tim Cook and a bit of planning

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Suddenly, everyone in the U.S. seems to be using WhatsApp. The app — once seen as an international phenomenon — grew daily users in the U.S. by 9% in 2023, according to Apptopia, and is gaining steam among the iPhone crowd. 

For many, it’s become the default messenger, a drama-free alternative to Apple and Android’s blue vs. green bubble wars, and a fast way to keep in touch with contacts worldwide. If the current trend holds, WhatsApp may even threaten Apple Messages as the country’s most popular messaging app, a once unthinkable prospect.

WhatsApp’s U.S. rise didn’t happen by accident, though. It was part luck, timing, and strategy.


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  1. na7 WhatsApp Avatar

    I was skeptical at first, but after reading this post, I can see how WhatsApp is slowly but surely gaining traction in the US. The ease of use and multi-platform syncing really make it attractive for me. Now I use it for almost all my group chats!

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