Fallon Mocks Trump’s ‘Anytime, Anywhere’ Biden Debate Challenge: ‘Tell Me You’re Unemployed Without Telling Me’ | Video

The “Tonight Show” host riffs on the former president’s latest rally bit: arguing with an empty podium

Jimmy Fallon took the opportunity to make fun of Donald Trump on Wednesday’s “Tonight Show” — because why wouldn’t he? He mocked the former president over his latest insistence that he would debate President Joe Biden “anytime, anywhere, anyplace.”

“Some more political news,” Fallon began after a “News Smash” opener to his monologue. “Last night, Trump held a rally in Wisconsin, and to taunt President Biden for not committing to a debate, Trump had an empty podium on the stage that said, ‘Anytime, anywhere, anyplace.’”

Fallon joked at Trump’s unnecessary podium and sign positioned onstage at his rally, practically begging Biden to debate him, by creating a funny fake dialog between the two opposing politicians.

“Yup, Trump said he’ll debate anytime, anywhere, anyplace — Biden was like, ‘Tell me you’re unemployed without telling me you’re unemployed,” Fallon joked.

The “Tonight Show” host then broke out his Trump impression to say, “My schedule’s wide open!”

Fallon then teased how the empty podium was actually a cause for concern for Trump’s camp.

“At first his campaign staff was laughing, but after Trump debated the podium for 30 minutes, they’re like, ‘Oh boy, it might be time for another cognitive test.’”

The Trump bits of Fallon’s monologue ended when he noted the embattled politician’s continued legal and financial woes.

“Meanwhile,” he said, “Trump is so broke he sold the podium for $5,000.”

Watch Fallon’s full “Tonight Show” monologue in the video above.


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