Fallon Applauds Trump for Keeping His ‘Endless Scandals’ Fresh: ‘Like if Discovery Ran Shark Week’ 24/7 (Video)

“The action never stops!” the host of “The Tonight Show” joked

Donald Trump may still be making outrageous headlines even after his presidency, but Jimmy Fallon doesn’t mind it too much. In fact, the late night host applauded the twice-impeached former president for always keeping his scandals “feeling fresh and new.”

Fallon’s sentiments came during his “Tonight Show” monologue, as he discussed the latest updates in the ongoing investigation into Trump following the raid of Mar-a-Lago, in which authorities seized 11 sets of classified documents. Fallon joked that the clear indication that Trump has done something terrible is that he’s no longer the president, but is still making more headlines than the actual president.

That said, the late night host did have a few words of praise for Trump’s antics.

“You gotta hand it to Trump, though: He has endless scandals for six years, and he always manages to keep them feeling fresh and new, don’t you think?” he joked. “The action never stops. It’s like if Discovery ran Shark Week 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.”

The host also took a moment to speculate on why Trump took classified documents from the White House, guessing that he was really just “hoping to come across KFC’s secret blend of 11 herbs and spices.” But, at the same time, Fallon couldn’t necessarily fault Trump for wanting those documents. According to the late night host, the White House made them too enticing.

“Also, just a thought, but if the government doesn’t want people reading those files, maybe they shouldn’t label them ‘Top Secret,’” Fallon said. “That’s like a guy labeling the porn folder on his computer ‘Best Porn.’ Just call it ‘Banana Bread Recipe,’ no one’ll open it.”

You can watch Fallon’s full monologue in the video above.