‘Family Feud’ Contestant Shocks Steve Harvey With Hilarious Answer (Video)

Oh, yes, she did

A “Family Feud” contestant shocked Steve Harvey on Monday’s episode of the show with her outrageous but hilarious answer to Harvey’s question.

“We asked 100 married women, name something you might ask the Wizard of Oz to give your husband?” Harvey asked.

A contestant named Sheilah was quick to hit the buzzer and replied, “A bigger … thing?”

Sheilah threw her hands up in the air while the audience and the other contestants burst out in laughter.

“Well, Miss Sheilah, this ought to go good down at the church,” Harvey responded.

This isn’t the first time a female contestant has wished for an adjustment on her husband’s body part. In 2014, Harvey posed the question, “If you could change one part of your husband’s body, what would it be?”

“His penis,” the contestant responded.

In a recent episode of “Family Feud,” Harvey came face-to-face with a lookalike. The doppelganger was a full-time pastor named Olden. He’s a little smaller than Harvey, but the proud preacher has got the smoothly shaved dome and thick mustache to match. Olden probably could have used an oversized pinstripe suit, however, completing the look.

“Family Feud” is the classic game show where two families compete to name popular responses to survey questions to win cash and other prizes.

Watch Sheilah’s hilarious answer above.