Fani Willis Body Language Expert Says She’s ‘All Confidence,’ Deflates Fox News’ Laura Ingraham | Video

Tonya Reiman says the Fulton County D.A. “has very strong body language when it comes to being direct and forthcoming”

Fani Willis Body Language Expert Fox News
Laura Ingraham and body language expert Tonya Reiman on "The Ingraham Angle" (Credit: Fox News)

Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis took the stand on Wednesday to defend her relationship with prosecutor Nathan Wade.

Fox News invited body language expert Tonya Reiman to speak with “The Ingraham Angle” host Laura Ingraham about Willis’ body language during her testimony — analysis that Ingraham appeared eager to frame negatively. Reiman, however, described Willis as “all confidence” from the moment she walked into the room.

“When I see her walk in, she is all confidence. You watch her, she’s walking in with a tight stride and then, interestingly enough, sits and she does what we’d call, like, a double leg.”

“So she sits down almost in a mannish way where she does this four-pronged leg move, which displays confidence. So she felt good,” she continued.

Ingraham then interjected, asking for further explanation.

“Wait, you called it the four — hold on, Tonya. Tonya, you said the ‘four-pronged leg move.’ I want to see that. What is that?” the host inquired, laughing. “She looks like she crosses her leg to me. I love this lingo.”

Reiman continued: “So both legs sit down, and one leg goes sturdy, and the other leg crosses over — like a masculine leg movement that you would see a man use when he’s wearing pants,” she said. “You normally wouldn’t see this with a woman who’s wearing a dress. So that’s why it’s called four-leg prong.”

“So when she leans back—” Reiman added before Ingraham again jumped in, saying, “Mhm, well, Tonya, Fani started waving her finger at one point, um, toward the judge to make a point. Watch this.”

The program then played a clip from the testimony. “Tonya, what of that?” she asked of the finger pointing.

“Again, this is a person who’s used to being in front of an audience, so she’s very strong when it comes to her nonverbals. She holds eye contact. She does swivel in her chair, but that’s more to make sure she’s holding eye contact with who she’s speaking to at that moment … So she has very strong body language when it comes to being direct and forthcoming,” Reiman concluded.

Watch the assessment by Reiman in the video embed above.


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