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Fans Remember ‘Spider-Man, ‘Doctor Strange’ Creator Steve Ditko: ‘Often Copied. Never Equalled.’

”Thanks for everything, you weird legend. What strange and amazing things you achieved“

The comics world mourned one of the last living legends of comics’ Silver Age with the news of Steve Ditko’s death. The writer-artist co-created “Spider-Man,” “Doctor Strange,” “The Question,” and many more.

Through a career that spanned more than six decades, Ditko’s trippy art and uncompromising ideas influenced generations of comics writers and artists and made publishers and movie studios rich. Though he died in June, at 90, news of his death didn’t come until Friday. Fans and former colleagues came out in force on social media to say goodbye.

One tribute came from his former employer, Marvel, home of “Spider-Man” and “Doctor Strange.”

Another cane from DC, where he created The Question.

Creators weighed in too, including Brian Michael Bendis, who created “Ultimate Spider-Man.”

DC Comics publisher Jim Lee praised Ditko as well.

Walt Simonson, best known for his influential run on Thor, also expressed his fandom.

“Sandman” creator Neil Gaiman thanked Ditko for “making my childhood weirder.”

Marvel and DC heavy hitter Gail Simone said Ditko had a unique way of illustrating the small and weak.

Gerry Dugan, known for his work on “Deadpool” and “Doctor Strange” comics, had recently been revisiting Ditko’s work.

Warren Ellis called him a “weird legend.”


Filmmakers influenced by him weighed in too, like Scott Derrickson, who directed 2016’s live action “Doctor Strange”:

And Edgar Wright, who almost directed another Marvel movie, “Ant-Man,” said Ditko’s influence was unmeasurable.

But Gaiman and “Deadpool” creator Rob Leifeld pretty much summed it up: