‘The Fate of the Furious’ Revs Past $1 Billion Overseas

Eighth “Fast & Furious” film is now the sixth movie to gross a billion without America’s help

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Eight movies in, the “Fast & Furious” franchise remains a massive hit with international audiences, and after seven weeks in theaters, Universal’s “The Fate of the Furious” will cross the $1 billion mark on its overseas totals on Sunday.

“Fate” now joins “Avatar,” “Star Wars: The Force Awakens,” “Titanic,” “Jurassic World” and its “F&F” predecessor, “Furious 7,” in the club of six films that have grossed over $1 billion overseas.

China brought in the lion’s share of this film’s international haul, setting a new record for foreign films in that market with a $387.4 million cume. The next four highest markets — Brazil, U.K., Mexico and Germany — combined to gross $148 million.

In total, “Fate” has now grossed $1.22 billion worldwide, compared to $1.51 billion for “Furious 7” and $788 million for “Fast & Furious 6” in 2013. Domestically, the totals for “Fate” and “Fast & Furious 6” are about the same, with respective cumes of $221 million and $238 million respectively. American interest in the franchise spiked with “Furious 7” following the death of longtime star Paul Walker, with domestic audiences turning out to see that film’s sendoff for Walker to the tune of $353 million.

But while the interest in “F&F” has cooled off back to 2013 levels in the States, Universal has sustained the huge international spike the franchise enjoyed with “Furious 7” with “Fate of the Furious,” with “Fate”‘s current overseas totals only 14 percent lower than those of “F7.”

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As a result, 81.8 percent of the most recent film’s total revenue has come from overseas. With two more “Fast & Furious” films slated for April releases in 2019 and 2021, Universal will likely be banking on China and other foreign markets to keep their craving for more insane car stunts from Dominic Toretto and his crew.