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Faye Dunaway Blasts ‘Slum Landlord,’ Says She Chose to Move

The Academy Award Winner refutes New York Times article saying she was being evicted

Famed actress Faye Dunaway did not take kindly to reports that she was being evicted, leaving three strongly worded voicemails for a New York Times reporter who said she was.

Dunaway, who won an Academy Award for her performance in "Network," rents a one-bedroom walk-up on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. The Times ran an article on Wednesday saying her landlord was evicting her because she did not actually live there.

Rent-stabilized apartments must be used as a primary residence, not a secondary one as the landlord claimed in court papers.

Dunaway responded to the article with a string of voicemails in which she said she was leaving by choice because she does not spend as much time in New York and because her landlord's negligence has allowed the condition of the apartment to deteriorate.

She also accused her landlord of avarice and a lack of class, dubbing him a "slum landlord."

Craig Charie, a lawyer representing Henry Moses Jr., the landlord, responded by suggesting Dunaway is hypocrite in that she has taken sub-par roles for a paycheck.

Moses Jr. filed the papers on Tuesday claiming Dunaway no longer lived in the apartment enough to continue renting it. Dunaway would seem to agree with the idea that she does not live much in New York, but not with the sentiment she is being evicted.

She is is scheduled for a hearing in court on Aug. 11.