How William H. Macy Tells Felicity Huffman He Doesn’t Like Her Acting (Exclusive Video)

Married pair talk to TheWrap about whether they ever criticize each other’s work

Felicity Huffman believes that husband William H. Macy has a tell when he has an issue with one of her acting performances.

The married couple sat down for an interview with TheWrap following their recent Emmy nominations, and they were asked if they every criticize each other’s work.

“It’s rare,” said Macy, who is nominated for playing Frank Gallagher on Showtime’s “Shameless.” But Huffman then chimed in to point out that she can pick up on his subtle body language: “I know when you’re watching my work, and you watch it, and you go … [slowly puts her hand on her head]. Then it’s bad news.”

“If he touches his forehead, I go, ‘I was bad, I was bad,’” continued Huffman, who is Emmy-nominated for ABC’s “American Crime.”

Macy said they deliberately don’t work together frequently so that it remains special for them to collaborate. But Huffman does have a sense of who she would want to play if she were to ever pop up on “Shameless.”

“I would want to be someone unrecognizable,” she said. “I’d want to be a junkie or a Russian whore.” This led Macy to quip, “We got those.”

But Huffman does have one stipulation: “I just don’t want to get naked.”

Check out the video above.