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Jamie Dornan Is All-Aboard in James Corden’s Nerdy, Sexy ‘Fifty Shades’ Parody (Video)

Yeah, ”Late Late Show“ host’s locked room is full of train sets

It’s important that readers know they can leave this post at any time. Last night, James Corden welcomed Jamie Dornan to his own “Fifty Shades” dungeon — this one is way, way creepier than what Dakota Johnson has become accustomed to.

You see, the “Late Late Show” host’s “playroom” is full of train sets. Like, a lot of train sets.

“Say something, please,” Corden implores his speechless guest — straight out of the best-selling novel and film trilogy scripts.

“You’re a nerd,” the man behind the big screen’s Christian Grey character finally blurts out.

After some apprehension on Dornan’s part, the two fellas really get into playing conductor. The innuendo only increases from there — just wait until “Signal Master” Corden and his Tuesday guest blow their steam train’s horn.

Watch the video above. Somehow, it’s still pretty sexy. (Answer: It’s the music — and, we suppose, Dornan.)

“Fifty Shades Freed” chug-a-chug-a-chugs into theaters on Friday.