FilmOn X Founder Alki David Sued for Alleged Battery and Fraud

David calls the plaintiff a “terrible opportunist who stalked me”

Alki David, founder of Internet TV service FilmOn X, has been sued once again. In court documents filed Friday in Los Angeles Superior Court, plaintiff Joshua Skinner accused David of negligence, battery, fraud and intentional deceit in association with the production of David’s television show, “Good Morning 90210.”

David had some choice words for Skinner in response to the suit.

“Josh Skinner is a terrible opportunist who stalked me and I never reported it before the alleged assault,” David told TheWrap in a statement. “He waited two years to file this suit just before the statute of limitations was up. He knows that the guy who picked him up and did not hurt him in any way and was the boyfriend of another guest, but he claims it was a bodyguard.”

David went on to call the law firm representing Skinner, Kramer Holcomb Sheik LLP, “known ambulance chasers.”

“They make a fine pair,” said David. “Skinner is expecting the $100,000 or so of go away money. Well, he’s not getting a penny. I will spend much more than that to shut him up properly.”

According to legal documents obtained by TheWrap, Skinner claimed he was hired to host “Good Morning 90210,” and replace celebrity host Janice Dickinson in 2012. Skinner says he was subsequently let go, then rehired again.

Skinner alleged he was asked to appear in a Halloween stunt for the program where he was told to walk by the studio’s window and pound on it. He was instructed to appear angry with David while holding a butcher’s knife, with his hands covered in fake blood. After the stunt, David told viewers he fired Skinner for not being “very real.”

When Skinner attempted to enter the studio and explain to viewers he was part of the show, a bodyguard stepped in, grabbed and choked Skinner while David laughed. In the documents, the plaintiff also stated that former model Janice Dickinson, who was present at the filming, appeared on camera and made humiliating comments and suggested the plaintiff should have been placed on growth hormones.

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The plaintiff said he sustained physical injuries and physical, mental and emotional maladies.

The lawsuit also claims Skinner was owned roughly $3,500 for his work on the show and that David said he had decided to fire him because his $350 per show was too high. Skinner claims, however, that when he went to pick up his paycheck from David, he was offered a lower rate of $200 per episode, to re-join the show.

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David has been a regular in the legal system over the past year. In 2013, FilmOn X was sued, alongside Aereo, in multiple courts by broadcasters claiming that the company’s technology infringed on copyrights of local broadcast stations when it transmitted signals via the Internet.

David also incurred the wrath of Barry Diller when David was sued for his site Diller and David entered a settlement agreement in early 2013. The settlement dismissed all claims from both parties with prejudice and barred David from using the phrases “Barry Diller,” “Barry Driller,” “” “Barry Driller Inc.” and/or “BarryDriller Content Systems PLC” in connection “with any commercial or business-related activity.”

Pamela Chelin contributed to this report.