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Filmstar, Death Ray Magazines to Fold

U.K. publisher splitting with parent company.

Another day, another sign of the print publishing apocalypse.

Two relatively new magazines covering film – Filmstar and the science-fiction-focused Death Ray – are dead.

The titles were published by Blackfish, a U.K.-based publisher owned by a video game developer.

“I’ve got some sad news, I’m afraid,” managing director Matt Bielby wrote in a note to contributors. “Blackfish Publishing is currently in the process of splitting from its parent company, the video game developer and publisher Rebellion, which means that the current issues of Filmstar and Death Ray magazines will, at the very least, be the last for some time.”

”Filmstar will not continue in its present form beyond issue #5, now on sale, or Death Ray beyond issue #21, also on sale,” Bielby, a publishing vet who launched Total Film, PC Gamer and Official PlayStation 2 Magazine, among others. “This is, needless to say, a terrible shame, because both are terrific magazines, with a loyal and growing following, and plenty of potential. However, harsh economic circumstances and assorted unforeseen factors make it impossible for us to continue with them at this time.”

Bielby added that he’s hopeful the titles will “find homes elsewhere”  “They were great while they lasted, and will, with luck, rise again.”

Death Ray launched in May 2007, Filmstar in May 2009.

Granted, they weren’t household names in Hollywood, but they weren’t around long enough to have a chance.