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Final ‘2012’ Tally: $230M

Film’s big weekend abroad pushes Sony Pictures Int’l past its all-time box-office revenue mark.

Sony Pictures released revised worldwide figures Monday for its Roland Emmerich disaster film “2012,” upping the movie’s three-day international total by $5 million and bringing its three-day global bounty to $230.4 million.

With "2012’s" big weekend aborad, according to a Sony release, the studio’s international releasing unit has had its biggest year ever for box-office revenue, with a combination of films including “Angels and Demons,” “Terminator Salvation,” “Michael Jackson’s This Is It” and “2012” propelling it to $1.634 billion in foreign ticket sales.

With nearly month and a half left to go in 2009, Sony Pictures International has already bested its previous best year, 2006, which was led by “The DaVinci Code” and “Casino Royale.”