‘Final Fantasy XV’ CGI Film Starring Lena Headey Coming This Year, Along With Anime Tie-In (Video)

The film, “Final Fantasy XV: Kingsglaive,” will also feature Sean Bean and Aaron Paul

At its #UncoveredFFXV event Wednesday night, video game publisher Square Enix announced a new computer-animated Final Fantasy film with an exceptional cast.

“Final Fantasy XV: Kingsglaive” will be available to stream sometime in 2016, and it’ll bring with it the vocal talents of Lena Headey, Sean Bean and Aaron Paul. You can see the trailer above.

“Kingsglaive” will serve as a prequel to the “Final Fantasy XV” game, telling the story of its main character’s father in setting the stage for whatever epic events players will end up in.

In addition to the new film, Square Enix also showed off a new tie-in anime series for “Final Fantasy XV” called “Brotherhood.”  This anime, another prequel to the game, follows “Final Fantasy XV” protagonist Prince Noctis and his friends and will tie directly to the events of the the new demo Square Enix made available Wednesday.

“Brotherhood” will run for five episodes that will be released on YouTube. The first of them is available now and is embedded below. A sixth episode will be included on a blu-ray that comes included with the $270 collector’s edition of “Final Fantasy XV.”

The actual game “Final Fantaxy XV” will hit PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on Sept. 30.