Final Social Media Slaughter of ‘True Detective’ Season 2 Draws Anger, Confusion and Joy (It’s Over)

Fans sound off again after 8 weeks of jabbing the HBO drama

While it pained many fans of the first season of  HBO’s “True Detective” that the sophomore effort from creator Nic Pizzollato did not quite live up to expectations, they certainly found a place to join in venting their frustration where all rage defaults: social media.

Confusion, anger, disinterest and disappointment has been expressed over the past eight weeks while Rachel McAdams, Colin Farrell, Vince Vaughn and Taylor Kitsch gave it their best. Sunday saw the series finale, and the parting thoughts of viewers made “#TrueDetective” a number one trend on Twitter.

“What did I just watch? Was it good? Since when do I not understand ANY episode? I feel like I need a CATscan,” wrote user @aniaahlborn.

“Nic Pizzolatto just received at least half a dozen thumbs-up emojis from friends who didn’t know what else to text,” wrote @bobbyfinger.

And much like a visit from the Vinci Police, the news doesn’t get much better from there. Take look at the response to season finale of “True Detective”:

If you thought fans were brutal, critical response wasn’t much better. Rotten Tomatoes compiled a “percent” fresh score per episode that tracks response across each episode:

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