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Financier and Radio Host Peter Schiff Dressed Down for Criticizing Zelenskyy’s Casual Attire

”Doesn’t the President of the #Ukraine own a suit?“

Ukraine president Voldymyr Zelenskyy made a scheduled video conference appearance before Congress on Wednesday morning (pictured above), dressed in the same practical, come-as-you-are wartime attire he’s worn since the start of Russia’s unprovoked invasion (on this day, a rumpled Army-green t-shirt).

That was the moment that Peter Schiff, outspoken Wall Street whale and radio personality, decided it was time for someone to finally say something about Zelenskyy’s slovenly fashion.

Spoiler alert: It didn’t go over well.

“I understand times are hard, but doesn’t the President of the #Ukraine own a suit?” Schiff tweeted. “I don’t have much respect for current members of the U.S. Congress either, but I still wouldn’t address them wearing a t-shirt. I wouldn’t want to disrespect the institution or the Unites States.”

peter schiff
Peter Schiff (Getty Images)

Considering what Zelenskyy was there to do — plead with the U.S. Congress for more aid, including a no-fly zone that could stifle Russia’s murderous urban bombing campaigns — it doesn’t seem likely that “disrespect the institution” was his motivation. Perhaps he’s a bit busy for fussy French cuffs and tie-knots?

In any case, Schiff’s tweet was treated with a firestorm of mockery.

“What next, asking soldiers to wear a parade uniform on the front?” tweeted @Edolis.

As of about 8 a.m. PT, the ratio on Schiff’s tweet was rolling up faster than the national debt clock, with several thousand replies and quote tweets, but only 300+ retweets and and 2,000+ likes.


MUNICH, GERMANY – FEBRUARY 19: Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky cleans up pretty nice in a statement during the 58th Munich Security Conference in Munich, Germany. (Photo by Ronald Wittek – Pool/Getty Images)

Zelenskyy does, in fact, own suits, but his choice of daily active wear, perhaps justified by constant threat of extreme wartime danger, isn’t just upsetting fusty investor-types. It’s influencing fellow world leaders: This week, French leader Emmanuel Macron was photographed taking meetings with stubble and a tactical hoodie, quite possibly the first time he’s been seen performing public duties without a dapper suit and clean shave.

No word from Schiff yet on the appropriateness of Macron’s ensemble.

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