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First Big Holy S— Moment of ‘Game of Thrones’ Season 7 Has Fans Freaking Out

”Stormborn,“ the second episode of the show’s seventh season, pulled a fantastic, and heartbreaking bait and switch on fans

Lest you think the show is getting soft in its old age, “Game of Thrones” proved tonight that seven seasons in, it can still shock the hell out of viewers.

The show’s 50 minutes were spent giving an incredibly satisfying amount of fan service, like Arya’s reunion with Nymeria, the oral consummation of the romance between Missandei and Grey Worm, what looks like the long-awaited meeting between Jon Snow and Daenerys, Samwell Tarly’s war on greyscale, Jon Snow dissing the hell out of Littlefinger, Cersei Lanniser going full-Trump, and much much more.

And then in the last 10 minutes, everything went to hell.

Daenerys was dealt a severe blow when her fleet of ships commanded by Yara Greyjoy was utterly destroyed by her uncle, Euron. Also several seemingly-pivotal characters were killed, Theon showed that once a Reek, always a Reek, and Euron is bringing two VERY important captives back to Queen Cersei.

Read the full detailed recap here.

Suffice to say, what looked like an impending slam dunk victory for Daenerys (at least as long as she isn’t interested in scorching the earth) suddenly because fully up in the air. It wasn’t the Red Wedding, but it certainly reminded people that the show they’re watching is, well, the show they’re watching.

Unsurprisingly, Twitter freaked out over it all, from Grey Worm and Missandei, to Theon’s [SPOILER], to Arya Stark and her beloved dire wolf, and more. See a sampling below.

Also #RIP Sand Snakes:

To be honest though, this about sums up how we’re feeling: