‘First Kill’ Ending: Sarah Catherine Hook Breaks Down What’s Next After That Twist (Video)

“Episode eight is just so emo. It makes me really, like, want to cry to sleep all the time,” Hook joked with TheWrap.

Note: Spoilers ahead for the “First Kill” Season 1 finale on Netflix

Young love is an overwhelming and tenuous thing — it only gets harder when you turn your girlfriend’s brother into a vampire. But alas, that’s where the first season of “First Kill” on Netflix leaves us, after Juliette bites Cal’s brother. Where things go from here is anyone’s guess, but series star Sarah Catherine Hook has some ideas.

First, a quick recap. In the final episode of the series, Cal’s (Imani Lewis) brothers end up attacking Elinor after trying to get information out of her. She’s crafty though, and in a quick evasive maneuver, she manages to avoid Apollo’s driving blow — resulting in Theo taking the stake instead. As he bleeds out, Elinor wipes Apollo’s memory and flees.

When Cal and Juliette arrive on the scene, Theo is gone. Or at least, he seems to be. In the final moments of the episode, we learn that once Cal and Apollo left, Juliette stayed behind to clean up the scene. While doing so, Theo woke up and begged for help. Juliette tried to drain him, “so he could die with dignity,” but instead, she ended up turning him into a vampire. Now, Theo’s become the very thing he’s been raised to hate and hunt, and it divides the Burns family.

“I have chills just thinking about it. I teared up,” Hook told TheWrap. “Episode eight is just so emo. It makes me really, like, want to cry to sleep all the time. But, I mean, I’m really excited honestly, to see him be a vampire, but also, he might still be a monster hunter. He might be like ‘Hey, I’ve got even cooler powers now, I can really do some cool stuff with this.’ I don’t know! We’ll see. I’m not really sure what the plan is for Theo in that sense. I don’t think his Monster Hunter days are over though. I can’t see that happening.”

What she can definitely see though, is a potential team-up between Theo and Juliette. After all, she seems to have a growing distaste for her own kind and wants to do some good in the world. “That’d be badass,” she said. You can watch part of TheWrap’s interview with Hook in the video above.

Of course, turning your girlfriend’s monster-hunting brother into a half-legacy vampire is a bit of a relationship party foul, and by the end of the finale, Cal is just about ready to really kill Juliette. And in all honesty, should “First Kill” be given a second season, Hook thinks fans will probably try to see Cal do just that.

“I think Cal is probably going to try her very best to be the ultimate Monster Hunter. And I think she is going to try to kill Juliette,” she conceded. “I think she’s gonna try to kill Juliette a few times. And I think Juliette is gonna fight her too! I’m really kind of hoping for like, you know when it’s a fight and then it kind of gets a little sexy and you’re like, ‘Ah, but I’m still attracted to you!’ you know?”

That said, Hook would also like to see Juliette herself gravitate to her scarier side a bit during this break-up.

“I think Juliette — or at least this is what I’m hoping for — I kind of want to see a bit of a dark side,” she continued. “I don’t know if it’s too soon for that but — and when I say dark side for Juliette, I’m talking Elinor’s dark side. So like, the blonde heels, go into like, the scary Barbie phase. You know what I mean? Really embrace that really high-class, southern, bleached blonde vampire thing that her mom and Elinor have going on. That’s what I’m envisioning.”

No need to panic though. Hook does think Calliette will be able to recover from this. It’ll just take a bit of time. “I do think things will go back to normal eventually and then you know, Cal and Juliette will probably, by the end of season two, come back together. I don’t know. We’ll see.”

Then again, there is another option. Lest we forget, “First Kill” does take some inspiration from “Romeo and Juliet” — and in that story, the heroes die for their love.

“You have a point!” Hook admitted. “Maybe, should this show ever come to an end, I think it’s only appropriate that they do die! No, I’m kidding. This is just inspired by Romeo and Juliet. We’re not completely emulating the play.”

All eight episodes of “First Kill” are now streaming on Netflix.