First Out Transgender Woman in ‘Blind Date’ History Says She ‘Was Treated Very Well’ by Date and Show

Ciara tells TheWrap she was “nervous,” but treated so well she forgot about the cameras


Dating is stressful enough without the added pressure of making history on an iconic American television show, but Ciara, the first out transgender woman in “Blind Date” history, told TheWrap that both were surprisingly easy.

“I was very nervous, of course, but it was a lot of fun, actually,” she said, explaining it had “been a minute” since she’d been on any dates before she was selected, let alone one with a stranger orchestrated and filmed by a television crew.

“I actually, at some point, forgot the cameras were there,” added the star of the groundbreaking episode, which airs Wednesday night on Bravo, where the decades-old “Blind Date” series has been revamped. The show returns from a mid-season break at 11:30 PM ET/PT with four new episodes airing back-to-back.

“I was treated very well. Shout out to all the cast and crew. Everybody was very nice and accommodating and that made me feel very comfortable, so that part was amazing,” she said.

Ciara even liked her date, Tucker, though she says they haven’t hung out since she moved to a new city.

As for how it feels to be the first out trans woman in the show’s history, Ciara says she’s happy to take on the role, since “it would have meant the world” to her to see an out trans woman doing something as simple as going on a date with a cisgender man on television when she was younger.

“I know we have women like Janet Mock and Laverne Cox who are amazing representation for transgender women,” she said, but noted she hopes to be a representation of the community outside of the entertainment space.

Ciara told TheWrap her episode will not only show viewers a trans person doing more basic day-to-day activities like going on a date, but allow “that door to be open for cisgender men who are trans-attracted to follow that. [Tucker] had never been on a date with a transgender person and I think he handled that very well.”