Florence Pugh Says She Got ‘Blocked’ From Posting ‘Hawkeye’ Appearance on Instagram: ‘Beyond Ridiculous’

“I never thought me posting love about a show in which I appear on would get taken down,” the actress posted to her story

Marvel Studios

WARNING: This post contains spoilers from episode 4 of Marvel’s “Hawkeye” series on Disney+

Florence Pugh has finally returned to the MCU, making her first appearance on “Hawkeye” in this week’s episode. But, according to the actress, she wasn’t allowed to post about it as much as she’d have liked on Instagram.

On Wednesday’s episode, Yelena Belova — who Pugh first brought to screens in Marvel’s “Black Widow” — was unmasked in the final minutes, briefly fighting Clint Barton (Jeremy Renner) and Kate Bishop (Hailee Steinfeld). She had no lines, just an incredible fight scene.

Pugh posted photos of her re-introduction to her Instagram page, and later posted snippets of the episode to her story, offering live commentary on the action happening on screen. But, at the end of her story posts, Pugh added that some of her “Hawkeye” content had been removed.

“I never thought me posting love about a show in which I appear on would get taken down.. but here we are,” Pugh wrote. “Someone on here complained so I’ve been blocked from posting my own appearance on a show I am very much in. Beyond ridiculous. Being in #Hawkeye is a privilege and thank you to all who welcomed me on set and off and all who are watching.”

As of this writing her original post and story slides were still accessible via Instagram, seemingly indicating that she was prevented from posting any further than what she already had.

Though Marvel and the “Hawkeye” cast themselves always kept a tight lid on exactly when and how Pugh’s character would resurface (“Who?” Renner responded when asked about Pugh’s appearance on “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon”), it was pretty explicitly known that she would appear on the show.

And, at the time of Pugh’s posts, the episode had already been released on the platform, debuting at midnight on the west coast, so her posts didn’t spoil the episode before it went wide — they simply spoiled things for viewers who hadn’t gotten a chance to sit down and watch it themselves yet.

Reps for Instagram and Disney did not immediately respond to TheWrap’s request for comment.