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Florence Pugh Reveals Her Fan-Beloved Grandmother Taunted Chris Pine at Venice: ‘I’m More Famous Than You!’

According to Pugh, her ”Granzo Pat“ thoroughly enjoyed getting her own red carpet love

Florence Pugh has been making the press rounds for her new feature with director Zach Braff, and Jimmy Fallon couldn’t help checking in on the scene-stealer in from her last press tour: her grandmother.

Sitting with Fallon for “The Tonight Show” Monday, Pugh shared that her family, including her so-called “Granzo Pat,” were in New York with her. Fallon agreed that she’s “stealing the show.”

“Granny Pat, I’m in love with,” he said.

“Everyone is,” Pugh responded. “Everyone treats her like a princess.”

The late night talk show host asked how Granzo Pat is enjoying her newfound fame, and Pugh reported that she just received her first gifting.

“She’s now so famous that people are gifting her things. I went to Ireland and someone came and gave her a gift, and when she received it, months later she goes, ‘You must – you must give me the address of that person,’” Pugh said. “And I was like, ‘Which person are you talking about?’ And she goes, ‘The person that gave me that beautiful handbag. I need to write her a thank you note.’ And I was like, ‘Granny, I have no clue who that is.’”

Fallon also asked if she mingles with other celebrities, to which Pugh said that she repeatedly held her fame over actor Chris Pine at the Venice Film Festival where “Don’t Worry Darling” premiered.

“She kept on going up to Chris Pine and being like, ‘I’m more famous than you,’” Pugh recalled.

Pine’s enthusiastic greeting of Florence when she showed up to the Venice carpet became one of the more positive memes circulating throughout the festival as alleged tension surrounding the “Don’t Worry Darling” cast and crew swirled.

Watch the full interview in the video above.