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Folks Are VERY Amused After Don Jr Catches COVID-19: ‘Trying So Hard to Be Like His Dad’

President Donald Trump’s son was widely mocked on social media after the White House confirmed he contracted coronavirus

On Friday the White House confirmed that Donald Trump Jr., son of President Donald Trump, has tested positive for coronavirus. He’s one of several prominent Republicans — including Florida Senator Rick Scott, and Andrew Giuliani, son of Rudy, who confirmed they have been exposed to COVID-19 just today alone.

And of course he’s one of dozens of people in Donald Trump’s immediate orbit who have contracted the virus in the last several months, including Donald Trump himself, and Herman Cain, who died from it in July. This comes after months of efforts by the president and his associates to downplay the illness and turn efforts to prevent people dying of it into a political wedge issue.

In what is probably not a shock, once the news was public, people on social media definitely chose not to remain politely silent about their feelings regarding Don Jr.’s condition. Instead, they came with lots and lots of jokes at his expense.

“I guess his father finally hugged him,” Jimmy Kimmel joked.

“He’s trying so hard to be like his dad,” Podcaster @ArmyStrang said.

“He’s quarantining in the belly of a slaughtered rhino, wrapped in dead elephant skin,” writer Andrew Goldstein cracked.

“It’s easy to joke, but this a serious situation and my thoughts and prayers are with the coronavirus right now,” comedian Mike Drucker said.

Of course COVID-19 is a serious illness, so it’s good for Don Jr that, according to his spokesperson, he is “completely asymptomatic so far,” and is safely quarantining. The news of his infection comes just under two months after his own father was hospitalized with the illness, and just two days after the COVID death toll in United States passed 250,000 people.

Trump Jr. has, of course, been a steadfast supporter of his father’s COVID-19 policies. This includes: spreading blatant, and dangerous lies about mask usage; spreading baseless conspiracy theories about the timing of vaccine announcements; outright lying that the United States has the pandemic under control (infections rates are setting new records almost daily); and also lying about the death toll.

See some of the reactions below.