Former FEMA Head Craig Fugate Calls ‘Bulls–,’ Storms Off MSNBC Interview on Coronavirus Response

Fugate and fellow MSNBC guest Andy Slavitt apologized to each other on Twitter after the incident

Craig Fugate
Getty Images

Former FEMA chief Craig Fugate stormed out of an MSNBC interview about coronavirus response Thursday, telling anchor Katy Tur, “I don’t have time to listen to b—s—.”

The remark he didn’t “have time” for came from Andy Slavitt, the former acting administrator for the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services under President Barack Obama, who said Fugate wasn’t being “helpful” and argued that for the best coronavirus response, “We need a great partnership between the federal and state government.”

That’s when Fugate — who cautioned against “waiting” for the federal government and said he’s “always believed the best way the federal government can support governors is to get out of their way, get them funding, use CDC to give guidance” — departed, yanking out his earpiece as he did.

Tur tweeted after the incident, “We have always valued and appreciated @WCraigFugate‘s time and expertise. Tensions are obviously very high. We hope to have him back. We need people who know how things work now more than ever.”

Slavitt responded to her, saying, “I certainly agree and really value @WCraigFugate. I certainly didn’t mean to upset him & extend an apology. Tense times.”

Fugate tweeted, too, offering an apology: “Dear @MSNBC, @KatyTurNBC At the point I’m not helping, time to step back. Never was good at the talking head thing anyway. This is too critical of a time to let emotions get in the way. My apologies to you and your audience.”

For good measure, Slavitt responded to that, too, again apologizing and assuring Fugate they are “on the same team.”