‘Fortitude’s’ ‘Toxic Old Man’ Henry Tyson Accuses Town’s Governor of Murder (Exclusive Video)

Hilda Odegard is either trying to solve a crime or cover one up


Henry Tyson is dying, but not in the town of Fortitude unless he cuts a deal with Governor Hilda Odegard to rip up his exile notice.

In the second episode of Pivot’s whodunnit, “Fortitude,” on Thursday, the politician (Sofie Grabol) drops by the drunkard photographer’s (Michael Gambon) home to grill him about what the now-deceased scientist Charlie had discovered, which seems to have led to his grizzly death.

The only problem is, Tyson doesn’t know — or so he claims — in the below preview, which is exclusive to TheWrap.

Even when Odegard offers him a reprieve from being taken off the glacier to the mainland — as Tyson has terminal cancer and no one is allowed to die in the permafrost-laden landscape of Fortitude, because nothing decays in the cold — Tyson tells her nothing. That said, he sure asks her a lot of questions that go unanswered before she storms out.

“Tell me, how much are you in for, Hilda?” Tyson asked. “How much have you already committed to a glacier hotel?”

“Too much to back out now, huh?” he pushed. “Have you gotten in over your head, as they say?”

The Participant Media channel’s “Fortitude” also stars Stanley Tucci and Richard Dormer, among others.

Watch the video: