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Fortune Begins Moving Its Stories Behind Digital Paywall

The outlet is also cutting back to 10 print editions per year

Fortune officially began to move its content behind a paywall on Wednesday. Many stories on its website have already migrated to the new model with the rest of its content to be paywalled next month, according to the company.

The outlet announced a slew of new premium products Wednesday along with the declaration that the website will be getting a paywall and the print edition will be scaling down to 10 issues per year. A spokesperson noted two of the 10 will be double issues. The paywall will be tiered, with the lowest-costing option averaging out to about $1 per week for access to all of Fortune’s online journalism. Higher tiers will include early access to list data and access to a premium video hub, also announced Wednesday.

Along with the on-demand video hub and a site redesign, Fortune is also getting a new app. Access to the articles on the app will come with the lowest tier in the paywall model.

“Fortune will be 90 years old next month, and we are in the midst of a massive reinvention that we believe will propel us through the next 90 years,” CEO Alan Murray said.

Downward trends in news media have underscored the need for creative solutions across the board. Some outlets have turned to paywalls and ads. Others, like Cleveland.com, are using text messaging-based subscriptions to compete in the digitally-savvy world.