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‘Fox & Friends': Piers Morgan Drags Biden as an 80-Year-Old Man Who’s ‘Feeling His Age’ (Video)

”It doesn’t instill much confidence when he keeps forgetting his words,“ the television host says

Piers Morgan did not mince his words on “Fox & Friends” Monday while discussing what he wants to hear from President Joe Biden at the State of the Union Address – and mocking his age along the way.

“Certainly over here in the U.K.—and I think it’s probably the same everywhere outside of America—you see a guy who has shown discernible evidence that he’s feeling his age,” Morgan said. “This is a man in his 80s who’s already the oldest American president ever. It doesn’t instill much confidence when he keeps forgetting his words, he keeps going back on the words he said before, he denies what we’ve seen him say with his own mouth.”

Morgan also expressed disappointment in Biden’s chaotic withdrawal from Afghanistan, as well as him missing the opportunity to create a trade deal and create a “real, ongoing relationship” between the U.S. and the U.K.

“Certainly from the U.K. perspective, I think he’s been very underwhelming,” Morgan said.

Morgan also mentioned the suspected Chinese spy balloon, which wasn’t shot down until Saturday. It floated off the Carolina coast after it was above sensitive military sites across the US. China has insisted that the balloon was an off-course accident with a civilian aircraft.

“Now we have this extraordinary spectacle of watching from afar as a Chinese balloon just seems to go over America for a week with complete impunity,” Morgan said. “We’re all thinking, ‘What the hell is going on here?'”

The media personality concluded: “I think Biden’s big issue on the foreign state is trust.”

Watch the “Fox & Friends” clip in the video above.