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‘Fox & Friends’ Hosts Drag Joe Biden for Saying Network Employees All Vaccinated by Boasting They’re Not

”I’m not vaccinated. We allow people choice,“ Rachel Campos-Duffy said

President Joe Biden’s zinger about employees at Fox News, where vaccine skepticism has been on the menu since last year’s rollout, all being jabbed and boosted played well at the White House Correspondents Dinner. But apparently there was at least a whiff of “dis” in his information.

“Fox & Friends” host Rachel Campos-Duffy on Monday morning countered that claim – by bragging that she and co-host Peter Hegseth hadn’t yet received a single dose of COVID-19 vaccine.

Campos-Duffy on Sunday hosted “Fox & Friends” with Will Cain, Steve Doocy and Pete Hegseth. Doocy, who attended the dinner with his son Peter, was talking about the annual, roast-heavy dinner – where Biden singled out the Fox contingent, pointing to them and saying: “They’re all here! Vaxxed and boosted.”

While that may have been true of the Fox employees in attendance – jab papers were required for entry to the Saturday event – that’s apparently not the case across the board.

“They tried to call out Fox News and say ‘Look! Fox News is all vaccinated!’ No, that’s not true,” Campos-Duffy said, pointing to Hegseth and adding: “He’s not vaccinated. I’m not vaccinated. We allow people choice. That’s the part that I thought was so ironic.”

Campos-Duffy said she was invited to the dinner, but chose not to go for several reasons, the vaxx requirement prominently among them. New York City’s vaccine requirements do allow for medical or religious exemptions.

A spokesperson for Fox News had no comment Monday, citing employee confidentiality around medical issues.

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