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Fox Home Entertainment Lays Off 22 People

The staffers worked in analytics and in information technology

Fox Home Entertainment laid off some 22 employees from its analytics and information technology departments on Tuesday, TheWrap has learned.

About a dozen came from analytics and 10 from IT. That works out to about 4 percent of Fox Home Entertainment's total staff.

Fox is the latest studio to make layoffs.

Walt Disney Studios is preparing to lay off about 200 people, primarily from distribution, although staffers in home entertainment and product management also will be affected.

Lionsgate also cut members of its home entertainment staff, although that company made hires as well as layoffs.

An individual familiar with the business said that Fox reduced the number of analytical reports it desires. When the company made that decision, analysts and the IT staffers who supported them, were affected.

A new report from the NPD Group says that Blu-Ray, while not replacing DVDs, is helping prop up the sagging home entertainment sector. Last month, SNL Kagan issued a report indicating that the DVD market fell 44 percent as more movie watchers shifted to video-on-demand and online streaming services such as Netflix. 

That report ranked Fox's "Avatar" as the top selling DVD in recent years with more than 10 million discs sold in that format.