Fox Nation to Advertise Gov. Andrew Cuomo Scandal Special – During Chris Cuomo’s CNN Show

An ad for Fox Nation’s “The Collapse of Cuomo” will not only run during Chris Cuomo’s show, but feature footage of him too

Chris Cuomo

Fox Nation’s new special about New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, “The Collapse of Cuomo,” will be advertised on CNN in select local markets. Namely, the show about the Democratic governor’s handling of the coronavirus pandemic and sexual harassment accusations will be advertised during commercial breaks on his own brother’s primetime show.

Moreover, the advertisement features footage of CNN’s Chris Cuomo himself. The now-infamous prop gag the brother employed last May while discussing COVID-19 rolls in the spot.

The 30-second commercial, first reported by Mediaite, will air during “Cuomo Prime Time,” “New Day” and other CNN programming in the major markets of New York City and Washington, D.C. A local ad buy like that does not require network approval.

“The Collapse of Cuomo” is available on Fox Nation, Fox News Media’s subscription streaming service, beginning on Monday.

The on-demand special looks into the ongoing investigation into the Democratic’s governor’s handling of COVID-19 in his state’s nursing homes, as well as the numerous accusations of sexual harassment he faces. According to Fox News Media, the program “will look behind the curtain of the man who embodies the very archetype of a politician.”

Though the Fox News Media promotion of the special said it will “foreshadow the possibility of his fall from grace,” Cuomo has so far insisted he will not resign. He said as much last March and also apologized for making women feel uncomfortable and said he was “embarrassed” by his behavior — but denied touching anyone inappropriately.


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