Fox News Hosts Rip Adele’s Tearful Apology: ‘She Turns Into Mary Poppins’

Criticism from the “Outnumbered” panel comes a day after the pop star postponed her Las Vegas residency

fox news harris faulker

The hosts of Fox News’ “Outnumbered” took aim Friday at Adele after the pop star announced in an emotional Instagram post a day earlier that her Las Vegas residency would be postponed indefinitely.

“Outnumbered” anchor Harris Faulkner punctuated the pull-no-punches approach by the panel of five, which included Kayleigh McEnany, the former White House press secretary for Donald Trump.

“So she’s crying — she said I’m sorry several times. I mean, whatever,” Faulkner said during a segment covering reports that some Adele fans were not thrilled by the short notice of the announcement. “And then suddenly she’s like, ‘Oh my show ain’t ready!’ I mean she turns into Mary Poppins. Like, was this scripted? What was this?”

Titled “Weekends With Adele,” the residency was scheduled to kick off Friday. Adele now says all dates will be rescheduled, citing widespread COVID infections among the crew and “delivery delays.”

Faulkner, prefacing her remarks to note Adele’s credentials and bonafides, suggested she could have made the move to postpone long before she did.

“She’s got that iconic sounding voice and she used it to sort of toss her hair and say how sorry she is,” Faulkner said. “She knew her show wasn’t ready days ago or weeks ago. Come on.”

McEnany agreed, adding the awareness of whether the show was ready to go should have been “common sense.”

“She knew this for a long time,” McEnany said. “She had to have known that it wasn’t going to be ready more than 20 hours, 24 hours before. That’s common sense.

“But you know, to underscore Emily’s point,” McEnany added, referring to co-host Emily Compagno, “because they said COVID was a part of this. We figured out how to move on with life. I just went to a Bucks playoff game last week. And it was a lot of fun. And we figured out how to make the NFL work. How to make sports work, how to make entertainment work, Broadway work for example. So COVID, you just can’t cite that as an excuse any more. And to me, that’s exactly what this was, Harris. Just an excuse.”

Adele released her fourth studio album, “30,” in November and it was quickly certified platinum three times by the RIAA. Her Las Vegas residency was announced later in November, with plans to run Friday through April 16.

Adele promised the dates will be rescheduled and they’ll get the show finished, saying “We’re on it, we’re gonna reschedule all of the dates. We’re on it right now, and I’m gonna finish my show, and I’m gonna get it to where it’s supposed to be. I’m so sorry, it’s been impossible. We’ve been up against so much and it ain’t ready.”

Watch the Fox News “Outnumbered” segment here.

See Adele’s full Instragram post here or below.

Adam Chitwood contributed to this report.