Fox News Reporter Stuck at Burning Man Says Stranded Attendees Are Supporting Each Other: ‘We’re Still Finding Fun’

She’s called the event “certainly a Burning Man to remember”

A complex desert vehicle is serviced as people working around it wear face masks.
Dust storms are a problem even in non-rainy years. (Photo by David McNew/Newsmakers/Getty Images)

Tens of thousands of people are currently stranded at the Burning Man festival in Nevada. While some have managed to leave the festival on foot, plenty of people have been forced to stick the muddy and rainy conditions out — including Fox News’ Claudia Cowan. Sunday she sent a report to her “Fox & Friends” team that said, “we’re going to get through this.”

Cowan shared that things are tough, but that most people are working together — so far, at least. As she put it, “The camps are hunkering down. We’re supporting each other, we’re making sure our neighbors have enough food and water and blankets. And we’re still finding fun, just a different kind of fun.

“It’s not so much art, cars and parties, but really connecting with each other, and that’s part of the Burner spirit too,” Cowan continued. “So we’re going to get through this. It’s certainly a Burning Man to remember.”

Cowan also tweeted photos from the event on Saturday. She captioned her post, “A muddy mess at #BurningMan2023 but we come for all kinds of adventure, not just parties and art cars. We are banding together and helping our neighbors and connecting on a deeper level. This will be a Burn to remember!”

Despite the conditions, festival-goers have described the scene similarly to what Cowan shared. A woman named Theresa Galeani told the Associated Press, “Honestly, we’re having a great time. We have not witnessed any negativity, any rough times.”

She continued, “Some people … were supposed to leave a few days ago so they’re out of water or food. But I am an organizer so I went around and found more water and food. There is more than enough here for people. We just have to get it to everyone.”

It’s Fox News correspondent Cowan’s eighth time at the festival. Her Twitter biography describes her as the “West Coast Senior correspondent for Fox News Channel, avid hiker, yogini, and mom.”