Fox News-Dominion Trial: Courthouse Installs VIP-Style Tent to Potentially Shield Arriving Witnesses From Prying Eyes (Video)

Tucker Carlson, Sean Hannity and Rupert Murdoch are set as witnesses in the defamation case

It appears Fox News employees will be shielded by a big white tent outside the courthouse as the company’s staff arrives and exits from their trial against Dominion Voting Systems.

Fox Corp., the umbrella company of Fox News, and Dominion Voting Systems are gearing up to take one another on in court after the voting tech company sued the news organization for $1.6 billion, accusing Fox News of falsely reporting that Dominion rigged the 2020 election between President Joe Biden and Donald Trump.

The trial — which was supposed to begin on Monday, but has since been delayed by a day by Judge Eric M. Davis — will take place in Delaware Superior Court. Set to take the stand and testify are Fox News personalities Tucker Carlson, Sean Hannity and Fox Corp. Chair Rupert Murdoch. 

When the trial does go into session, photographers and other media outlets may have trouble grabbing a snapshot of the Fox News crew, as there’s a big white tent that seems to be a coverup for the Fox News witnesses. 

“Behind the courthouse they’ve actually built this tent, where we assume Murdoch and other high-profile witnesses will actually drive right into that tent,” NewsNation’s Brian Entin reported in a segment you can watch at the top of this file. “You won’t be able to see anything. They get out of the car, and then they’re able to walk inside out of the view of cameras.”

Opening statements for the trial were slated for Monday, but after it was announced on Sunday that the trial would be delayed, the court shared “the start of the trial” will now be Tuesday. News outlets have reported that the delay may be due to Fox attempting to settle the case.