Fox News Reporter Predicts Israel-Hamas Conflict Only the ‘First Chapter in a Very Violent and Bloody Book’ (Video)

Trey Yingst delivered his bigger-picture take with an invasion of Gaza seemingly “hours away”

Fox News broke things down from on the ground in Israel Wednesday, with reporter Trey Yingst predicting the conflict with Hamas would spill into a wider regional war.

Yingst appeared during a lengthy segment that included his stand-up dispatch from the side of a busy highway in the dark of night.

He told “Outnumbered” host Kayleigh McEnany there was a bigger picture brewing in the Middle East after a punctuated period in which, as McEnany described, “you have this ominous warning from Iran about, ‘Time is up.’ You have these kamikaze drones over Al-Asad air base in Iraq. You have that hospital bombing by Islamic Jihad, as we now understand it. This is all in 24 hours. This is feeling like a tinder box.”

“Absolutely,” Yingst replied, pointing out the military trucks and other vehicles including a commerical bus carrying soldiers that passed by behind him toward the Gaza border.

Yingst then delivered his take on the bigger picture of the situation in light most recently of Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu giving the “green light” to a full-scale invasion of Gaza, which he said seemed only “hours away.”

But it was only the tip of the iceberg for trouble brewing in the region, according to Yingst.

“What analysts are telling us, and the movement of U.S. military equipment toward Israel and the evacuation orders from Lebanon for U.S. citizens, everything is pointing in the same direction,” Yingst said. “And that is, that this conflict in the south is going to be just the first chapter in a very violent and bloody book ahead.”

Yingst also reported on President Biden’s visit on Wednesday to Israel. The Fox News reporter stated there were two motivating factors at play for Biden — to discuss potential U.S. military support of Israel should Hezbollah attack from the north once the invasion of Gaza is underway and to talk about the Americans being held hostage in Gaza by Hamas, and also the hundreds of American citizens who remain there and are unable to leave.

“They understand once this ground operation moves forward it will be extremely difficult to cut any sort of humanitarian aid deals or anything that would allow Hamas or the smaller factions that are holding hostages to basically quietly cut a deal and get some of those people out of Gaza.”

Watch the full Fox News “Outnumbered” segment at the top of this post.


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