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Fox News’ Jesse Watters Says ‘Bitching’ Media Is Bored of Biden and Ready for a Republican President

The talking head based his premise on a Politico article titled “Joe Biden’s ‘Cardboard Box’ Presidency”

Fox News host Jesse Watters called President Joe Biden “dull” and said the media is “so bored they are ready for a Republican president.” 

“Joe’s running the show in D.C. now, and he’s dull,” he said simply, before referencing a Politico piece titled “Joe Biden’s ‘Cardboard Box’ Presidency,” in which senior editor Michael Schaffer said the president kept his promise to be “boring.”

The conservative talk show host lamented that Biden doesn’t want to “schmooze” with others or appear at social events, which he claimed is a cardinal “sin” for Democrats. “The guy just loves his basement,” he said. “Presidents are supposed to excite the Washington establishment, but Joe is doing the exact opposite.”

He referenced Biden’s absence at the recent Gridiron Dinner, a “rite of passage” where presidents often give speeches. Former president Barack Obama has previously skipped the exclusive, invite-only dinner, and this year, it was the site of a massive coronavirus outbreak, which impacted Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, among dozens of others.

“And if the press is bored now, just wait. Eventually, Biden is going to catch COVID — it’s bound to happen. And you’ll never see Biden or another party again,” Watters said, referring to the superspreader event. 

He continued, “Biden sucked the air out of Washington, just like he did the rest of the country. The Washington elite is whining, they’re stuck with our grandpa-in-chief. Isn’t that precious that the D.C. power brokers, who installed Joe Biden into the White House, are now bitching he’s boring?”

Watters read further snippets from the Politico article and satirically included a clip of Grampa Abe Simpson (voiced by Dan Castellaneta) saying he goes in and out of comas “all the time.” 

“This is actually the biggest insult the media has ever spewed at President Biden, that Joe isn’t cool,” he concluded. “For Washington, it doesn’t get any worse than that. For a town that trades on status, power and zhuzh, Biden’s the worst thing to ever happen to these people. Not only is there no action, there’s no access. And, worst of all, there is no gossip. This town is so bored they are ready for a Republican president.”