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Fox News’ Neil Cavuto Tells Trump: ‘My Job Is to Cover You, Not Fawn Over You’ (Video)

Anchor responds to president’s attacks on Fox News by reinforcing his duties as a journalist

Fox News’ Neil Cavuto used his Thursday show to deliver a message to President Trump: “First of all, Mr. President, we don’t work for you. I don’t work for you. My job is to cover you, not fawn over you or rip you.”

In doing so, he became the latest Fox journalist to react to the president’s Wednesday denouncement that “Fox isn’t for us anymore.”

“The New FoxNews is letting millions of GREAT people down!” Trump wrote in a series of tweets that chastised the network’s on-air coverage of Democrats. “We have to start looking for a new News Outlet. Fox isn’t working for us anymore!”

Brit Hume, a Fox analyst, responded Wednesday and Brian Kilmeade, co-host of “Fox & Friends,” discussed the comments with Trump on Thursday during a radio interview.

Cavuto played a part of the interview Thursday, then said, “I think he gets pretty fair coverage at Fox but the president making clear: to fact-check him is to be all but dead to him.”

“My job, Mr. President — our job here — is to keep the scores, not settle scores,” he said.

Cavuto went on to remind his audience of numerous statements from Trump that were eventually contradicted, sometimes by the president himself.

“I’m sorry you don’t like these facts being brought up but they are not fake because I did. What would be fake is if I never did,” he said, continuing, “These aren’t fake items. They’re real items and you really said them.”