Fox News’ Neil Cavuto Doesn’t Buy That Trump Will Denounce Putin for Navalny Death: ‘Are You Sure of That?’ | Video

While the former president briefly mentioned the activist’s suspicious demise, he has yet to condemn Russia’s leader

Neil Cavuto, Pat Fallon
Neil Cavuto, Pat Fallon (CREDIT: Fox News)

When Texas GOP Rep. Pat Fallon said he expected Donald Trump to condemn Vladimir Putin for the death of incarcerated opposition leader Alexei Navalny, Fox Business Network anchor Neil Cavuto responded, “Are you sure about that?”

Fallon was on Fox Business on Monday to talk about South Carolina Sen. Lindsay Graham’s plan to designate Russia a state sponsor of terrorism after Navalny’s suspicious death, announced by Russian authorities on Friday — and how Trump has, so far, not joined in on the chorus of condemnation of the Russian leader, despite briefly mentioning Navalny’s death on Truth Social before quickly pivoting to complaints about those in power domestically.

Cavuto noted, “Donald Trump has not said anything about [the suspicious nature of Navalny’s death], and some are beginning to sense that, by not saying anything, by being very complimentary to Putin, by spending more time blasting NATO nations that don’t keep up with their bills, that he’s sending a signal to Putin. And it’s a dangerous one. Do you agree with that?”

Fallon responded, “No, honestly, Neil, I don’t. I think the [ex-] president will eventually comment on Navalny’s death and I’m sure he’s going to be like you and I and the rest of the country and be appalled.”

That’s when a visibly surprised Cavuto broke in to ask, “Are you sure about that? Are you really sure of that?”

Fallon, equally surprised to be challenged, said, “Well, that’s what I think. Time will tell in the next few days.” He then segued to focus on “NATO countries” that “don’t pay the bills,” including Germany and Spain, which had been the focus of a recent Trump speech.

Cavuto pivoted back to the main question, apologizing for “badgering” the congressman: “The former president earlier said he would encourage Russia to invade a NATO country that wasn’t spending enough on defense.” He cited former GOP Rep. Liz Cheney’s comment that “we now have a Putin wing of the Republican Party.”

Cavuto replied, “I don’t think [Trump] meant that literally. He doesn’t want Putin to invade any countries. And he didn’t invade any countries while [Trump] was in office, so I believe the proof’s in the pudding.”

Fallon, who is on the House Oversight and Accountability Committee, earlier agreed that “clearly,” Putin is “very dangerous.” He told Cavuto, “He’s invaded a sovereign nation and is responsible for hundreds of thousands of deaths.”


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