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Fox News Panelists Give Biden’s DNC Speech Rave Reviews: ‘A Home Run’ (Video)

Chris Wallace, Dana Perino and Bret Baier all offered effusive praise for Biden’s speech at the DNC Thursday night

The stable of panelists Fox News has had providing commentary on the Democratic National Convention this week continued to offer high praise for DNC speakers Thursday night — former Vice President Joe Biden got rave reviews from these Fox personalities for his 25-minute speech in which he formally accepted the Democratic nomination for president.

After the speech, the Fox News panelists discussed their immediate reactions, and it sounds like Biden’s words made a pretty big impact on Chris Wallace, Bret Baier Donna Brazile and Dana Perino.

Dana Perino, who was White House Press Secretary under George W. Bush, offered probably the most glowing evaluation of any member of the group.

“The other night I said that Michelle Obama stuck the landing. I think keeping with that theme that Joe Biden just hit a home run in the bottom of the ninth,” Perino said.

“He had pace, rhythm, energy, emotion and delivery. I think if he looks back, he’s got to say that was probably the best speech of his life. He really just took the moment, and I love that.”

Perino did offer a little bit of criticism, however, saying that Biden’s speech had “a little bit of incoherence” in terms of policy.

Chris Wallace, meanwhile, had some thoughts about what Biden’s excellent performance Thursday means for Donald Trump’s depiction of Biden as “sleepy.”

“I thought it was an enormously effective speech. Remember, Donald Trump has been talking for months about Joe Biden as mentally shot, a captive of the left. And I guess Biden was reading from a teleprompter in a prepared speech, but I thought he blew a hole, a big hole, in that characterization,” Chris Wallace said.

“It seems to me that after tonight, Donald Trump is going to have to run against a candidate, not a caricature. The Democrats have had a good convention. Now it’s the Republicans’ turn.”

Baier, meanwhile, also thought this was probably the best speech Biden has ever given.

“He’s not known for his public speaking, but this, having seen him speak on the stump many many times, was the best he’s been as far as his delivery,” Beier said.

“This is what he needed to do for this crowd and for the crowd around the country. The question was, was it enough to affect this race and give him a bounce.”

Former DNC chair Donna Brazile also had some nice words for the speech.

“He did what he was supposed to do. He connected with the American people, he shared his values, he outlined his vision, but most importantly he spoke from the heart, people want to hear that. All I can say. A+,” Brazile said.

You can watch the relevant portions of Fox News‘ coverage of the Democratic National Convention in the videos embedded in this article.