Fox News’ Peter Doocy Bids Kind Farewell to Jen Psaki: She ‘Probably Has Made Me a Better Reporter’ (Video)

“It is the end of an era,” Doocy said

Fox News reporter Peter Doocy said his final farewells to outgoing White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki on Friday, conceding that their regular sparring matches at press briefings likely made him better at his job.

During the morning’s episode of Fox & Friends, Doocy was asked point blank if he will miss Psaki, considering the pair’s long-running rapport.

“I think so, yes. It is the end of an era, like you said Ainsley, because everywhere I have gone for the last year and a half I have people roll down their car windows to say, ‘Hey Peter you have to ask Jen about X, Y or Z,’” he replied. “She has never said I’m not going to answer on that topic and that’s been a big help to everybody that’s watching right now so we will miss that.”

Doocy also praised Psaki for making sure to allow him to ask questions at every press briefing she held.

“She has always called on Fox, every briefing, more than 220 of them I think I saw somewhere, and we hope that continues with Karine Jean-Pierre,” Doocy said.

At that point, the show aired a supercut of clips in which Doocy and Psaki went back and forth during press briefings. Afterward, Doocy highlighted the fact that Psaki would go back on him to make sure he always had proper sourcing for his claims, and applauded her for constantly being prepared for him.

“All that extra homework … probably has made me a better reporter, and so I am grateful to her for that,” he said.b

You can watch the full segment from Fox & Friends in the video here and above.