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‘Fox & Friends’ Rips NY Times’ ‘Disgraceful’ Limbaugh Obit: ‘These People Are Very Small’

Fox Nation’s Lara Logan and Fox News’ Pete Hegseth were appalled by the obituary, which pointed out Limbaugh’s attacks on AIDS patients and others

“Fox & Friends” hosts on Thursday denigrated media coverage of Rush Limbaugh’s death, especially an obituary from the New York Times, saying it’s proof of media “bias” and that “these people are very small.”

The Fox News show led into a segment with Fox Nation’s Lara Logan by playing clips of Limbaugh himself railing against what he saw as media bias.

“I can tell you that I wasn’t aware of my own bias,” Logan said of her time at CBS News and other outlets. She then praised Limbaugh for making “the whole country aware” of such bias.

Logan went on to claim that voices like Limbaugh’s and those on Fox News are suppressed by the media when gatekeepers disagree with them. The 16-year media veteran then attacked the Times for its coverage of Limbaugh’s death on Wednesday, which highlighted the radio host’s “divisive style of mockery, grievance and denigrating language” and pointed out his attacks on homeless people, feminists, AIDS patients and more.

“It’s so sick that I barely feel comfortable putting it on the screen,” Fox News’ Pete Hegseth said of the Times’ coverage.

“I was raised to be a better person than that,” Logan said, calling the Times reporters “small” and their coverage “disgraceful.”

Limbaugh died Wednesday at the age of 70.

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