Fox News’ Sean Hannity Says Howard Stern ‘Does Not Understand’ Power of Believing in God

Hannity responds to Stern “making fun” of Ainsley Earhardt’s spirituality

In a forthcoming interview, Fox News’ Sean Hannity goes after Howard Stern for his lack of religious values and not seeming “to think ever about the majesty of God.”

In the pre-taped clip, Hannity was responding to months-old comments from Stern about another Fox News personality. On May 15, Stern dedicated part of his radio program to Ainsley Earhardt, a devout Christian who hosts Fox News’ “Fox & Friends” morning show.

In true Stern fashion, he made fun of her faithfulness, which she speaks of often, but has become more vocal about since the launch of “Ainsley’s Bible Study” on the network’s streaming service, Fox Nation.

In the new episode of “Ainsley’s Bible Study,” available Wednesday and reviewed by TheWrap in advance, Hannity says this to Earhardt: “Honestly, he was like totally making fun of your ‘Bible Study,’ and what was really interesting to me is I actually viewed it for you. You had something that he didn’t have. Now, I’ve interviewed Howard on radio and on TV. I’ve admired him a lot.

“He’s a great champion, but I remember asking him, ‘Howard, I read that you go see a shrink five days a week. I read that you go home and smoke pot in your basement and watch porn’ … what I realized in that interview is he does not understand — as smart, talented, and gifted, I will concede all of that to him, and honest as he is — he doesn’t have what you have, which is he doesn’t seem to think ever about the majesty of God or the need for the spiritual component.”

He went on to tell Earhardt, “There is a spiritual component to this experience on earth.” That component, Hannity said, gives people who believe in it confidence.

“You’re confident when you believe in God, so he was just making fun of it. You were talking about how, you know, you felt the presence of God coming in your life during a tough time, and I felt, “Wow. Howard does not understand that,” as smart as he is. I’m not saying anything bad. You know, you’re a friend so I didn’t like him attacking you, but I thought it made you look good.”

A representative for Stern did not immediately return a request for comment.