Fox News Reporter Mocked by Locals While Failing to Make Seattle Look Like Hell (Video)

A segment aired on “The Five” goes hilariously wrong

Fox News Reporter Seattle Mocked the Five
Fox News

Fox News on Tuesday decided to try and prove one of the network’s more hackneyed outrage bait claims: That liberal cities are hell on earth. So the show sent a reporter to Seattle for a man-on-the-street segment that was supposed to prove the city’s residents are terrified, tired and surrounded by crime.

Unfortunately, the reporter appeared not to do any kind of preparation work, because instead of proving the questionable premise, he ended up humiliated by incredulous residents who rejected it while mocking him ruthlessly.

Seattle is of course a target of Fox News’ tedious outrage machine largely due to events beginning in 2020 when a tiny section of the city became a so-called autonomous zone for a couple of weeks during the wave of protests that swept the country in the wake of the murder of George Floyd. Since then the city has also attempted to decriminalize drugs in an effort to combat the opioid crisis, efforts thwarted by the state level government. And uh, that’s about it.

The Fox News segment, which we need to remind you was pre-taped, aired during “The Five.” It consisted of heavily edited clips of locals interacting with the reporter, often with whatever the reporter said prior to someone’s comment left out. Across the screen was a chyron that said “Residents in Seattle are embracing the decay” — except the whole thing was clearly shot in one of the city’s most beautiful parks. Yes, it’s weird.

It began with an almost context-free clip of a man saying “I’ve never seen any crime in Seattle. I’ve never seen any of it. I’ve seen fun and laughter and laughter and fun.”

Next, a woman responded to what appears to be an exaggerated claim about Seattle’s crime rate that wasn’t included in the segment. “I don’t believe that number,” she says.

“People are getting robbed down here, carjacked,” the Fox News reporter interjects.

“I’ve never heard of anyone getting robbed,” the woman replies.

Next, a different woman says, “Crime is a social issue that could be solved by giving people their basic needs.”

Then came the humiliation. The segment next moves back to the previous woman, who says, “It’s not a thing that happens on the street. People don’t just come up and try to rob people on the street. Do you walk around everyday like, ‘Someone’s gonna rob me’ every second?”

“Seattle decriminalized drug use and then they criminalized it again,” the reporter says with a tone that suggests this is some kind of gotcha.

“Oh my God, who are you getting these facts from? You’re from New York. Apparently you’re listening to the wrong people,” the woman replies.

“I saw a lot of people shooting up on my way down here,” the reporter says. Notably, the segment did not include footage of this event.

“Did you? OK,” the woman says with heavy sarcasm. “And they were bothering you?”

The reporter said, “I was in a car, but you know people,” only to get cut off by the woman, who mocked him by saying “Oh no, you’re in a car. Oh, no, they were hurting you so bad.”

Again, this was pre-taped but Fox chose to air it anyway. But the network put the best possible spin on it courtesy of host Jeanine Pirro, who introduced the clip by saying, “residents mocked the idea that the city is spiraling out of control.” You think?

Watch the clip below:


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