Fox Strikes Movie Deal With ‘Barefoot Bandit’

Studio acquires rights to story of Colton Harris-Moore, and reportedly coughs up more than $1 million — which will go to his victims

Who says crime doesn't pay?

20th Century Fox has acquired the rights to the story of Colton Harris-Moore, popularly known as the "Barefoot Bandit" due to his penchant for committing crimes sans shoes. "Milk" screenwriter Dustin Lance Black has been attached to write the script, according to multiple media reports.

In all, the 20-year-old Harris-Moore, who's currently awaiting sentencing in a federal detention center in the state of Washington, is suspected of taking part in approximately 100 thefts, stealing objects ranging from bicycles, cars and planes. Law-enforcement officials also claim that he would often sneak into a home merely to take a bath or enjoy some ice cream from the freezer. As Harris-Moore went on the lam, his reputation achieved cult-hero status, complete with a Facebook fan page and a T-shirt line bearing his likeness.

Fox has apparently coughed up a healthy sum for the rights to Harris-Moore's story; most accounts peg the amount at $1.3 million, though the individual TheWrap spoke to denied that amount, only saying that the number is "inaccurate."

No matter what the precise amount, Harris-Moore, who was captured by authorities in won't see any of it. He currently owes his victims $1.4 million in restitution, and Fox is only paying up in the event that it goes forward with the movie.

Kind of a shame, really; with that kind of money, Harris-Moore could finally afford a pair of seriously nice shoes…