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Fox TV News Reporter Gets Harassed On-Air by Big Scary Bug and You Gotta See It (Video)

“Was that live?” San Diego’s Brad Wills asks after hilarious freakout

A Fox TV news reporter was the latest in his profession to fall victim to on-air taunts and harassment on the scene, but this time the perpetrator had wings.

Fox 5 San Diego reporter Brad Wills lost all composure when a large bug came buzzing by his head last week, and created one of the finer news bloopers of 2015.

“Was that live?” Wills asked the person behind the camera after screaming in fear for a few seconds. “Oh, brother.”

Both viewers and the broadcast’s anchors enjoyed the spectacle, even if it was at the expense of Wills’ ego.

But don’t judge too harshly. After all, big bugs are scary.

Watch the video above.