Fox TV Stations to Get Local Market Ratings From Rentrak

Long-term agreement represents 28 stations across 18 markets

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Rentrak and Fox Television Stations entered into a long-term agreement, providing local market TV ratings services to all Fox-owned television stations.

The deal represents 28 stations across 18 markets, and puts pressure on Nielsen, which many local stations have complained does not factor online, on demand and mobile viewers into their audience size.

When reached for comment on this announcement, Nielsen told TheWrap: “Nielsen has a rich history with Fox working on all aspects of media measurement from traditional ratings through our many qualitative services. We believe that the evolution of the business and the creation of new ways to accurately measure the market are essential to the long term growth of the industry. We continue to offer best-in-class measurement, staying ahead of evolving market trends and maintaining our dedication to providing proven and accepted metrics upon which the media and advertising industries can transact on with confidence.”

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Jack Abernethy, chief executive officer, Fox Television Stations said in the partnership announcement press release: “We are happy to have immediate access to Rentrak’s Advanced Demographics data. More importantly, we expect this will accelerate the long overdue progress toward an accurate digital measuring system in local TV, one based on a census, not estimates, and one that measures all screens.”

“We are excited to welcome Fox as the first owned and operated Network TV group to go ‘all-in’ with Rentrak,” vice chairman and chief executive officer of Rentrak, Bill Livek added in the same memo. “We look forward to helping Fox grow their business using the power of Rentrak’s census-like measurements and our Advanced Demographics.”

Rentrak is the leading movie box office tracker.