After SAG-AFTRA Triumph, Is Politics Next for Fran Drescher?

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The “Nanny” star has experience in Washington, D.C. Could she be the next Ronald Reagan? Or Sonny Bono?

Fran Drescher (Credit: TheWrap)
Fran Drescher (Credit: TheWrap)

The word is all over town. After leading SAG-AFTRA to an historic new deal with the Hollywood studios, Fran Drescher has leverage, rediscovered fame and momentum.

Could she use all that to transition into a political career?

“This has been a great launching pad for her. So it wouldn’t be unusual for her to try to make that leap,” said Jorge Flores, a Los Angeles-based political consultant who has run campaigns for Congress and state offices.

“Certainly she has raised her profile significantly, and has developed a base with certain constituencies across labor,” he noted. “I could see her potentially running for Congress on the sort of issues that she’s been dealing with in SAG-AFTRA.


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