Friday Night Surprise: Janice Min Debuts Bloggy New

Well, at least now we have some answers to the question, “What’s the former Us Weekly editor gonna do with the venerable trade?”

Well, at least now we have some answers to the question, “What’s Janice Min gonna do with the Hollywood Reporter?”

The former Us Weekly chief on Friday night — when presumably no one would be watching — debuted her new, revamped

It’s cleaner, lighter and, in the mode of the day, bloggier, looking a lot less like a trade, with a nice new italic-y logo.

There’s a blog down the middle, blogs featured on the side. Big teases for videos and photo galleries.

As for the blogs, they include Heat Vision, which is devoted to fanboys and comes with a comic-book-style header. Among the others are stalwarts Risky Business; THR, Esq; and Live Feed.

For the older folks in the Business who may have vision issues, there’re a lot of big, big headlines.

Most important, though, at the top, click on “Save 60% Off/Click to Order,” and you get a tease of things to come. Subtly announced, the print subscription:

Get THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER weekly and save 68% off the newsstand price. Your annual subscription includes:

52 glossy weekly print issues of The Hollywood Reporter
4 glossy print specials on the major entertainment seasons

No choice for a daily print version.

As expected, the Reporter is rolling out its new glossy, large-format weekly magazine that will replace the venerable daily paper. Also expected,a daily, digital PDF version.

Umm, that’s it on the right.

Stay tuned.